When An Orange Cat Comes Around His Home, This Cat Is NOT Having It

The Hatfields and McCoys. Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. This black-and-white feline and this orange cat. Just 3 of the best, long-held fights throughout history.

And the black-and-white cat does not mind fighting dirty. When he locks eyes on his orange enemy, he jumps into attack mode till the fiendish feline discovers himself swimming with the fishes. Okay, so there aren’t in fact any fish in the swimming pool, but I think the fuzz ball is quite miffed to be immersed, regardless.

“Take THAT!”

I hope he remains on his toes for exactly what I’m sure will be a similarly ruthless retaliation. Why cannot all of us simply get along?


This Baby Polar Bear Is All Of Us Struggling To Get of Bed Monday Morning

This bad li’l polar bear understands exactly how we feel as he wriggles around looking for a comfortable spot to sleep in his enclosure. That, or he has a relentless itch on his back that will not disappear. In either case, his lovable attempt to get comfy will put a huge smile on your face.

“Almost, almost…nope.”

Good idea he lastly flopped over or he might have been at it for hours. And no one wants to see a grumpy infant polar bear who hasn’t had his nap.


He Claims He Didn’t Eat A Cupcake…But His Icing-Covered Face Is Betraying Him

Some children can be very tricky. This humorous little boy? Uh, not so much.

While out and about with his family, they passed by some free, intense blue cupcake providings in honor of the New York Giants. Dad decided it wasn’t time for the sugary sweets, however his son’s craving for sweets got the very best of him. Nevertheless, when questioned whether the kiddo may have eaten a cupcake, he chooses not to admit his confectionary criminal offense. It’s simply regrettable the tasty evidence is composed all over his face.

Sorry little man, I think daddy might be onto you.


Give Up Now -This Dog Just Epically Won Halloween With This Costume!

Sorry, but if you’re planning on dressing your pet dog up for a costume contest this Halloween, we have actually already found the winner.

Scrappy, the cute dachshund, is all set for all the treats he can deceive his human into offering him this year. The teddy bear clothing he’s rocking is simply the cutest thing as Scrappy gladly runs towards the camera.

“Trick or treat!! Wait, did someone say treat?”

We’re still waiting for our party invite from Scrappy. We’ll simply enjoy more of his wonderful videos while we sit next to the mailbox.