Give Up Now -This Dog Just Epically Won Halloween With This Costume!

Sorry, but if you’re planning on dressing your pet dog up for a costume contest this Halloween, we have actually already found the winner.

Scrappy, the cute dachshund, is all set for all the treats he can deceive his human into offering him this year. The teddy bear clothing he’s rocking is simply the cutest thing as Scrappy gladly runs towards the camera.

“Trick or treat!! Wait, did someone say treat?”

We’re still waiting for our party invite from Scrappy. We’ll simply enjoy more of his wonderful videos while we sit next to the mailbox.


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skipping dog

Kids Were Playing Outside When All Of A Sudden A Dog Joined In And Did This…

Jump rope has actually been bringing terrific pleasure to youngsters all over the world for centuries. However obviously, it’s not only children and Rocky Balboa who love to skip.

These Brazilian kids were playing in their community when one of the local street dogs participated on the enjoyable. Getting the rope with its teeth, the pet dog can be seen in this charming video actually swinging it while the children take their turns jumping. It’s something you truly need to see to believe!

Not only man’s friend anymore … the whole neighborhood’s buddy, by the appearances of it!