Leadership Training for Running a Business

This is a personalised program for senior managers and executives. It has a coaching format so that each delegate gets exactly what they need out of the program. we do not waste time debating the difference between leadership and management. Instead we concentrate on the core skills that any senior manager requires in order to achieve success for themselves and their organisation.

Self awareness

We must begin by understanding ourselves. To achieve this each delegate will be given the opportunity to undergo some personality testing. They will examine themselves at the behavioral level using the Inscape Personality Profile System. Using this knowledge, delegates will be able to determine their dominant styles when dealing with others. This in turn will allow them to change their behavior according to the environment they find themselves in. Developing this flexibility of style is fundamental to their success as leaders and managers.

Objective setting

In order to lead we have to know where it is we want to get to. We will therefore explore your mission and vision at Organisational, Departmental and personal levels. Together, we will then take these high level statements and compare them with the specific objectives that delegates will need to achieve. Using some project management methodologies, delegates will learn how to convert their objectives into workable plans, creation of business forms with the correct resources. Delegates will learn techniques from the world of performance management that they can use to monitor the plans.


In order to get the plan achieved, great managers and leaders know that they have to influence not tell. In this session we will learn the basic things that we have to get right in order to communicate our plans to others, and get them to take action over them. This session can include communications on a one to one basis and delivering a presentation to a group.”No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It must be organized in such a way as to be able to get along under a leadership composed of average human beings. The difference between being an average manager and a great manager is actually quite small. By learning and applying the fundamental principles you can move into the category of great.

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