Ability to Cut and Paste Unlimited Text into an Audio File for Digital Transcription

Quikscribe is able to significantly reduce both dictation time and digital transcription time with the ability to cut and paste text directly into the audio file. A good example is when a lawyer is using precedents or case law to create a document. Rather than dictation from the source verbatim, the author can now simple select the relevant text with the mouse and press the Insert button on the Quikscribe Recorder Hand Control. In doing so, the text that was selected will automatically be copied and pasted into a new marker within the audio file.

When a typists uses the Quikscribe Player to to transcribe the document, the Quikscribe Player will automatically stop and notify the typist with an audio prompt that it has found a text attachment. At this stage the typist can simply paste the text attachment into their current document by pressing CTRL V (paste).

Note: This unique feature also significantly reduces the chance for any introduced errors, as the text is seamlessly passed from the source document into the IAF (Intelligent Audio File) and then from the IAF directly into the finished document after transcription.

Tip: To better understand how this feature works, download the Quikscribe Player, which comes with a 13 minute interactive tutorial, that has a embedded text attachment and image within it.

Warning – Some digital dictation products claim (misrepresent) that they can insert documents, text or images similar to Quikscribe. What they fail to explain, is that they can only attached one (1) file which is appended to the file as a binary chunk when the file is saved. However with Quikscribe, you can dynamically insert as many images, screen shots, text attachments or files anytime or anywhere within a single IAF (Intelligent Audio File). Additionally when the file is sent, Quikscribe can compress any stored images up to 50:1 using JPEG and PNG compression.

Versatile Digital Transcription Solutions

Experience great online transcription acceptable to many online viewers for your conference calls, business meetings, online lectures and just about every other online transcription needs. The increasing popularity of online transcription calls for the best digital transcription service provider.

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Transcription Proofreading

We have put mechanisms in place for the best proofreading services to be done for your transcriptions. A three stage verification process asserts our commitment to digital transcription excellence for all filed transcriptions.

Transcription Quality Assurance

Transcriptions are never complete until they pass the experts tests. Standards are of utmost importance and How-To- Transcription shows you how and why. Our experience since 2006 filters out anomalies in a bid to improve on what other digital transcription companies have failed to do.

Online Video research

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Online Video Sampling

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Online Audio research

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Online Audio Sampling

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Copy Writing

For this service we convert all your hardcopy material into soft copy files that can be accessed online, in line with SEO strategies. This is for shorthand notes, classroom notes, journals and newspaper articles though not limited by this list.