The Best Travel Comfort Accessories For Long Flights

Long flights could definitely be tedious, and uncomfortable. If you’re not careful enough, your journey can become physically exhausting. While it is true that flights are not as uncomfortable as other means of transport but sitting in the same position for hours at a stretch can be physiologically taxing without any doubt.

You face issues like restricted leg space, uncomfortable seating arrangements, snoring co-passengers, crying babies, and just plain boredom. However, the good thing is that you can make your flight comfortable if you come armed with the necessary comfort accessories. Wondering what those are? Read on to find out.

Travel Comfort Accessory No. 1: Earplugs

Earplugs are such an efficient way to block noise that is unnecessary to you. You can also opt for noise-canceling headphones if that’s what you prefer but the former is way more convenient to carry around.

You can use a pair of earplugs for sleeping, reading a book, or just plain meditating with your eyes closed in your own personal zen zone. We will give you one tip though. Whenever you buy earplugs, make sure that they fit well into your ears and actually do cancel noise.

Travel Comfort Accessory No. 2: Comfortable Clothing

Comfy clothing is an absolute must when it comes to long flights. In order to feel comfortable, it is only logical that you have to be comfortable.

Swap your jeans with lycra-based pants, shirts with loose-fitting T-shirts, sky-high heels for flats or sneakers, and a jacket for a hoodie. Not only are these pieces of clothing comfortable, but they are also functional in case you have to walk from one side of the airport to the other or if you feel too cold on the flight.

Now, comfortable doesn’t mean that you have to turn up in your pajamas to the airport. Try to keep a more casual dress code and you will be good to go.

Travel Comfort Accessory No. 3: Sleep Masks

If there is one plus point that we can think of when it comes to long flights, it will be the chance to catch up on lots of lost sleep. With a packed schedule and never-ending deadlines, an adequate amount of sleep is compromised more often than not.

If you do plan on sleeping, it’s not possible for the lights to be switched off at your convenience. Well, unless you have the luxury of traveling in a private jet. Even when it is time to sleep, your co-passenger might want to keep the reading light on. It is due to these unforeseen circumstances why you should carry a sleep mask. When you buy a sleep mask, don’t forget to try it on to see if it fits correctly. Always go for a looser fit since a tight-fitting sleep mask may give you headaches.

Travel Comfort Accessory No. 4: Travelling Pillow

This is quite an obvious addition since most of the time our neck can get strained if we end up sleeping in the wrong position. A travel pillow provides you with proper support to sleep or rest comfortably in a long plane ride. You can choose a design that you like as well. In addition to the traditional U-shaped pillows, there are snake-shaped pillows, wrap-around shawl pillows and so on. They are also available in a wide range of colors.

Travel Comfort Accessory No. 5: Collapsible Water Bottle

The biggest advantage of using a water bottle that is collapsible is that when you are done using it, you can always keep it away.

Now, you must be thinking that you do get water on the plane. While this is true, those small-sized paper cups may not be enough to quench your thirst and constantly asking the air hostess for a refill may make you conscious as well.

The best way out is to carry your own water bottle that is already filled before leaving your house. The bottle may prove to be handy once you reach your destination as well.

Travel Comfort Accessory No. 6: A Portable Battery Charger

Most of us spend the maximum of our time looking at our cell phones or kindle. Whether it is to check your email or simply to catch up with our friends on social media – we have all, to an extent, become dependent on technology.

The thing about electronic devices like cell phones, kindle, iPad, and more is that they need to be charged. Imagine a situation where your cell phone shuts down due to low battery.

In such emergencies, a portable battery charger can be quite handy. Not only are these chargers easy to carry, but they can also charge multiple devices at one time. That’s if you buy a portable charger that supports that feature (which is what we’ll strongly suggest). You can also not be sure that you will get a USB charging port too. Keeping this in mind, buying a portable battery charger should definitely be on your list.

Travel Comfort Accessory No. 7: Books, Magazines and Snacks

Sometimes, you may not want to be on your phone (this is in extremely rare situations) and just prefer to do something else. In case you do not like the movie selection on your flight, you can always catch up with some reading. As for snacks, carrying your favorite food items whether you travel on a flight or in a car is always a wise decision. Keeping a few spare packets of your favorite cookies, savory treats, or candies can come handy during the times you get a sudden craving for your favorite snack.

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